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Autumn Nations Series – Through the eyes of Chris Dalton

Autumn Nations Series – Through the eyes of Chris Dalton

Autumn Nations Series – Through the eyes of Chris Dalton

English photographer Chris Dalton will make his much-awaited sporting photography debut this weekend when attending England v South Africa at Twickenham.

The 37-year-old sports fanatic has always dreamt of being involved in the sporting side of photography after building up an extensive portfolio of architectural and street photos.

Dalton, who is also an architect, balancing between the two jobs, will attend Twickenham for the first time this weekend and he will not just be there as a supporter.

Being given all access to get unique photos in the final match of the Autumn Nations Series is an opportunity on another scale and he cannot wait to make his sporting photography and Twickenham bow in one go.

He said: “It is really exciting, although slightly daunting I must say, Twickenham is obviously the heart of rugby for England, so I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’m a big sports fan, so I watch anything really and I’m so excited for Saturday in what is set to be a very tight contest, I’m sure.

“I’ve been to the Six Nations in Italy and Wales before, but I’ve never been to Twickenham.

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“I think being there would be just the emotion of the event and just being there really, that will be incredible, being so close to the action, having the freedom to take photos as well, which is not something you can usually do at a sports event of course.

“I have tried taking photos before but never like this, so just being able to walk around freely will be special for me.

“Getting up close and trying to get some amazing images that really capture the story of the game will be really exciting.”

As someone so intrigued by the ins and outs of elite sport, Dalton is particularly keen to capture the emotions that the match will bring, something he takes from his favourite yearly event – Battersea fireworks.

He explained: “In terms of main events, the last few years I have been the main photographer for the Battersea fireworks, so every bonfire night, I am on a platform in the middle of the crowd.

“Those are really special nights, seeing all the fireworks light up and coming away with amazing images of emotion and other raw images, the fireworks is always exciting – that is probably one of the highlights for me every year I think.

“So trying to capture the atmosphere and the emotion of the crowd is something else that will be really cool as I’m sure they will be passionate as ever in what is a key game that will give England a lot of heart for the match itself.”

The opportunity to take part in an event on the scale of England’s World Cup final repeat with South Africa is one that Dalton is particularly excited about as he looks to enter a new field of photography full-time – although he admits it came as quite a shock.

He added: “I’m very excited, to be honest it has come slightly out of the blue, I have shot sports events before, not to this extent though, more or less as a fan or at marathons and things like that.

“So yeah, it has come as quite a surprise, but it is nice to have this thrill to try something new and as a massive sports fan, I have always wanted to get into this field, but knowing how to do that is always quite tricky.

“You have to certainly work you way up, I think quite heavily from the lower leagues as it were up to these big stadia and also to have the connections to get in.

“So I’m really privileged to have this opportunity to be honest, and hopefully it will lead to other opportunities that are similar as sport is a massive passion of mine.”


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