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Get to know our Autumn Nations Series TikTok Supporters Club

Get to know our Autumn Nations Series TikTok Supporters Club

Get to know our Autumn Nations Series TikTok Supporters Club

The Autumn Nations Series Supporters Club has seen a group of talented young content creators showcase their skills and add a new and unique flavour to matches.

Each of the founder members of the Supporters Club have produced exciting and original content to celebrate the series. 

Their Autumn Nations Series-themed work spans across graffiti art, street bodybuilding, photography, cooking, busking and skating. 

And with the Autumn Nations Series well underway, it is time to learn about the founder members of the Supporters Club. 

El Burrito Monster (England)

Better known by his TikTok handle, @elburritomonster, Oliver Paterson cooks mouth-watering meals and shares them with his 484,000 followers. 

However, his cooking comes with a twist. 

Paterson has a unique focus on, you guessed it, burritos. 

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From burrito-base pizzas to full English breakfast burritos, there is no limit to what the 25-year-old can do with a wrap. 

He started making videos during the Covid-19 pandemic but left his day job to start producing food content full-time after a remarkable rise to TikTok stardom. 

Read more about Oli’s cooking challenges

@elburritomonster England and Playing Japan this Saturday in the @Autumn Nations Series ⚡️ ♬ original sound – Elburritomonster

Tee2Sugars (Wales)

As a lover of Welsh rugby and painting, many of Tee2Sugars’ murals have focussed on great sporting moments. 

However, Wales’ founder member of the Autumn Nations Series Supporters Club first rose to TikTok fame during the lockdown period, when most sports events were cancelled. 

After uploading a video of a mural that portrayed a soldier with a nurse, Tee2Sugars has seen his following grow to over 12,000 on TikTok. 

During the series, the graffiti artist is hoping to get as many new people into Welsh rugby as possible with his unique work at Principality Stadium.

See more of Tee2Sugar’s incredible murals

@tee2sugars GAME DAY #autumnnationsseries #ANS #mynation #wru #allblacks @Autumn Nations Series ⚡️ ♬ original sound – TEE2SUGARS

Brieuc Le Dantec (France)

French street athlete Brieuc Le Dantec will combine fitness and fun this Autumn. 

The fitness fanatic hopes to use his platform to show how to build muscle mass and become more fit on the field. 

His videos show off ways to get into shape without shelling out on an expensive gym membership. 

And that has earned him a huge following of 120,000 on TikTok. 

@brieucledantec Comme un bg. #autumnnationsseries #francerugby ♬ Air On a “G” String – Bach

Griggen (Ireland) 

Griggen has amassed a following of over 489,000 followers on TikTok with his unique photography and editing skills. 

During the Autumn Nations Series, he watched Ireland beat South Africa, and used his talent to present the fan experience in a new and exciting way.

The 22-year-old from Killarney has dreamed of carving out a career as a photographer since he was given a camera at age 10.

Learn more about Griggen’s photographic wizardry

@griggen Replying to @morgan._phoenix._ Guess the team! Use the #MyNation and show how you support your nation #AutumnNationsSeries #ANS #IrishRugby ♬ Lights – Sped Up Version – Ellie Goulding & Speed Radio

Ciaran Whyte (Scotland)

Ciaran Whyte is bringing traditional Scottish folk music to a whole new generation. 

The TikTok star from Paisley fell in love with music through his family, and now shares the songs he was sung by his parents and grandparents with his 5000 TikTok followers. 

Ahead of Scotland’s game against Argentina, Whyte showed how rugby has the power to bring people together. 

The musician was joined in a video by his friend Santi, with the duo exchanging Argentine and Scottish songs. 

Riccardo Rizzoli (Italy)

The Autumn Nations Series was Riccardo Rizzoli’s first introduction to rugby.

However, the freestyle slalom skater is a big fan after attending Italy’s 49-17 win over Samoa in Padua.

The 20-year-old from Monza has 80.4k TikTok followers, regularly wowing them with his selection of spectacular tricks. 

And he also uses his platform to teach the next generation by encouraging kids to put on their skates.

Learn more about Riccardo’s rugby journey

@riccardorizzoli02 Ti devo dire… 🏉 No raga a parte gli scherzi è stato troppo bello #ans #autumnnationseries #rugby ♬ suono originale – Riccardo🛞🫀

Ilaria Dentella (Italy)

Another avid figure skater, Ilaria Dentella is one of Italy’s biggest supporters when she’s not on the ice.

The Milan native has a huge 1.4m followers on TikTok and knows all about the sacrifices needed to make it to the top of your sport, having first started skating aged 7.

Having first fallen in love with rugby during the Guinness Six Nations, Dentella can’t wait to watch Gli Azzurri during the Autumn Nations Series and hopes people will learn more about life on the ice too.

Read more about skating sensation Ilaria

@ilar.yy #MyNation 💙 @Autumn Nations Series ⚡️ #FedeRugby #AutumnNationsSeries #ANS ♬ i wanna kiss you xx – mahak

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