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TikTok star Oli Paterson delighted to be founding member of Autumn Nations Series Supporters Club

TikTok star Oli Paterson delighted to be founding member of Autumn Nations Series Supporters Club

TikTok star Oli Paterson delighted to be founding member of Autumn Nations Series Supporters Club

TikTok star Oli Paterson, better known by his handle elburritomonster, admits he is ‘gassed’ to be England’s representative in the Autumn Nations Series Supporters Club. 

The 25-year-old from Cheshire is a founding member of the inaugural Autumn Nations Series Supporters Club and is set to attend his first England game when Eddie Jones’ side take on South Africa at Twickenham later this month.

Paterson is known for his unique cooking creations, with culinary specialities ranging from full English breakfast burritos to burrito base pizzas.

And the social media sensation, who has nearly 484,000 TikTok followers, could not hide his excitement after being asked to represent England in the Autumn Nations Series Supporters Club.

@elburritomonster This is how I support #mynation in the @Autumn Nations Series ⚡️ rugby 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 😈 how are you showing your support? (Stuffing and Cheddar Crust St George’s Pizza 😁) #EnglandRugby #AutumnNationsSeries #ANS #burrito #fullenglishbreakfast #hashbrown ♬ SALSA JAM NO.1 – Jaycee Mante

“When the Autumn Nations Series reached out, I was gassed,” he said.

“I ran to my mum and was like, ‘the Autumn Nations Series have got in touch.

“I have seen Bath Rugby play quite a lot, and I have seen Sale Sharks play quite a lot, but I have never actually been to an England game in person.

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“So, I am going to the South Africa game in a couple of weeks, and I am gassed to be able to actually go and see England live for the first time.

“I am excited to actually go to the game and get the atmosphere going. My mum and her boyfriend went to the Japan game as well.

“To celebrate, I made a full English burrito inside a giant hash brown and put a little St George’s cross on top with ketchup, just to get the national spirit going a little bit.”

Paterson is a proud home cook who has never worked in a professional kitchen.

However, after cooking for his friends at Bath University, Paterson jumped at the chance to start creating cooking content during the first Covid-19 lockdown.

He said: “My mate asked if I could make a TikTok telling him how to make my salsa recipe.

“It is a terrible video, I didn’t have a clue how to make videos back then, it was just a bit of a laugh sending videos to my mates.

“I made a few more and then one on how to make cookies, it got 100,000 views, and I was just thinking ‘what is going on’.

“Then I made a video showing how to make a McDonald’s sausage and egg McMuffin, and it got three million. I thought it was mental.”

Paterson picked up a lot of his cooking techniques from YouTube.

He has been inspired by cooking channels such as Mythical Kitchen but is also a big fan of some more well-known television chefs.

He added: “In terms of the famous chefs who inspired me, I am a big fan of Marco Pierre White, he is definitely up there.

@elburritomonster Its the @Autumn Nations Series ⚡️ at the moment so I’m joining the supporters club repping England and getting hyped up for the games with a full English hash brown burrito 😁 #EnglandRugby #AutumnNationsSeries #ANS #burrito #fullenglishbreakfast #hashbrown @englandrugby ♬ Iced Coffee – Arthur Hill

“I do use the knorr stock pots in my cooking all the time, they’re just like a pot of flavour. And I like Gordon Ramsay, more for entertainment value than anything else.”

Paterson played rugby at school and for his local club before attending Bath Rugby matches while at university.

And the food fanatic has fond memories of trips to the Recreation Ground.

He added: “I have always been a casual rugby enjoyer.

“When I was at university, we would watch Bath Rugby play every couple of weeks.

“We would just go down, get on the pints and have a jolly one.

“I love singing a little bit of Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

“My mum and her boyfriend are huge Sale Sharks fans, they go to almost every game.

“I am hoping that one day, one of the Sale Sharks players will follow me on Instagram, and I can get him round for a burrito.”

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